Phase 1 : Cutting

Time: 5pm – 8:30pm
Task: Rough cut 4, 2×8’s to 16, 1 1#2 x 3 3#8 x 54 1#4

Took awhile and they ended up far from perfect but the best *I* could do with no table saw.
I started by cutting the 2×8’s down to 54 1#4 with my miter saw.

I then ripped 2#16’s off each side to knock off the round edges. One last rip to get 2, 3 3#8 boards.  I used the guide on my circular saw for the rips.

With wobbly saw horses and no ripping skills the final boards did come out with nice square corners, but no where close to flush when stacked face to face.  It may have been better to do the rips before cutting them down.

Looks like some serious planing is in my future.

Update (2016): My bench is now finished and if you’ve never done a project like this before and are at this stage, if you’re boards look anything like this, STOP. Stop, find a table saw, and do this step correctly. These need to be perfect because chances are you won’t do the serious planing you need.

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