Phase 0 : Workspace & Wood

Temporary Workbench
First to create some kind of temporary workbench.  I currently have this so was able to create at least a basic workstation.

The underside of the table however was an impossible clamping surface.





So I sawed off the front to make it flush with the top rail then took one of the shelves and drilled it up underneath to create a fairly flat surface.  I also knocked out the back a little so I could feed a clamp in from behind.

Not great, but it beats my previous sad excuse for a “workbench”…

With the temporary workbench ready to go I headed to Spaeth Lumber and picked out 8 of their best 2x8x12 kiln dried Douglas Fir boards.  I choose Doug Fir because that’s as close as I could find to Southern Yellow Pine here in Oregon.  Kiln dried was a tad extra but seemed worth it to avoid the drying and flexing issues of green wood.

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