How to Fix a Slippery iPhone

20151007-2029-P1010206-bSo you just got a new iPhone 6 and the first thing you notice is how terribly slippery it is.  First solution that obviously comes to mind is getting a case.  That helps, but then you sacrifice size.  Why have this beautifully thin phone if you’ve got a gigantic case wrapped around it.

With a few easy steps and around 25 bucks there’s an easy fix.  Keep in mind, this solution doesn’t create any protection for your phone, it keeps it nice and lean but adds some much needed grip.

Rubber spray to the rescue!  My initial thought was to just spray the back of my phone but simply couldn’t summon the courage.  I instead came up with the next best thing.  An ultra thin case that holds the rubber for you.  Screw up?  You’re only out a $15 case.

It’s pretty easy.  Let me show you how I did it.



What you need

Caudabe: The Veil iPhone 6/6S (4.7) Premium Ultra Thin Case (Wisp Black) [Eco-friendly retail packaging]

Performix 11203 Plasti Dip Black Multi-Purpose Rubber Coating Aerosol – 11 oz.


51oIocnocML._SL110_3M Painter’s Tape, Multi-Use, 1.41-Inch by 60-Yard



Unpack the Ultra Thin Cover

Make no mistake, this case offers virtually no protection for your phone.  If you want protection, stop reading this post.  We’re here for thin and non-slippery.  This case sadly is no help with slipping either, it’s about as slippery as the caseless iPhone. BUT, it’s so thin it’s practically unnoticeable when attached and gives us a great surface to spray. Get ready to unslick it.

2015-10-07 08.29.33-b

Tape it up

Tape the sides and make sure to also cut an oval to cover your camera hole.  No one wants rubber in their hole!  I’d recommend removing tape from the middle of the sides as well (not shown here). See Note below.

2015-10-07 08.41.56-b

Spray First Coat

Shake the Plasti Dip, hold about 10 inches away and spray on a light coat.  I’d recommend testing it out by spraying a piece of cardboard first.  A good test helps determine distance and just how to get a nice thin even coast applied.  Make this first coat nice and thin.  Just enough to cover the surface.

2015-10-07 08.43.52-b

Let First Coat Dry

Give it at least a good 2-3 hours to dry.

2015-10-07 13.01.36 (Medium)

Spray on the Final Coat

Same as the first.  Just a light, even coat.

2015-10-07 13.04.45 (Medium)

Let Final Coat Dry

Let this one dry a solid 4 hours.

2015-10-07 18.12.00 (Medium)

Peel off the Tape

Gently peel off the tape.  The rubber coating actually has the ability to be removed so be especially careful when removing the oval around the camera hole.  Use a very sharp knife and slowly cut the rubber as you pull back the tape.

2015-10-07 18.14.38-b

Enjoy your non-slip iPhone!

Pop in your phone and you’ll be amazed at how much less slippery it is while maintaining it’s nice svelte size.

2015-10-07 18.15.11-b


The one improvement I would make is leaving some tape off the sides below the button holes so they get rubberized.  Without rubber there, pulling the phone out of your pocket by the sides can also be slippery.  Side rubber would alleviate that.

I might also consider some clear nail polish around the edges to keep the rubber from fraying.

2015-10-07 18.16.50 (Medium)

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