Road Verge Remake

I live in Oregon so I guess I’m supposed to call it a Curb strip or Parking strip but come on, road verge, the aussies got it right.

Aside from looking pretty lame it annoys the crap out of me every time I have to mow it.  So it’s out; mulch, tumbleweed and some desert grass are on their way in.

August 12, 2013
2013-08-11 12.33.53 (Large)

You can see my initial test with and edging spade. After an hour of that it was clear some gas powered 2-stroke engines would be required.

Day 1

About 10 hours later after a lawn mower, rototiller, an edging spade and a mouth full of dust…

2013-08-12 15.16.54 (Large)

Compost, mulch and some soil layers will be added next.

The Pathfinder comes through with 2 yards of soil.

2013-08-13 17.18.56 (Small)

2013-08-13 17.19.00 (Small)

Next was some tree research as the city claimed they would provide us trees if we designated what we would like.

After much deliberation at a nearby park which displayed all the available trees the city had to offer the decision was made.

2013-08-19 16.22.59 (Small)

2013-08-19 16.26.46 (Small)

6 months later the city delivered on their promise.  Soon after we also had 5 yards of mulch delivered.

2014-04-04 12.42.44 (Small)

Unfortunately I was recovering from a herniated disc so it was all Michelle.

But the results turned out fantastic with comments of lawn envy from neighbors. The best complement we never expected.

April 28, 2014

2014-04-07 18.06.52 (Small)

We also replaced the horrible looking shrub on the corner with a nice Japanese Maple and small grasses.

2014-04-07 17.52.15 (Small)



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