Move Azure VM from Premium to Standard Storage

Took me awhile to work out the specifics but this works.  You can have the exact VM run­ning on a Pre­mium stor­age account up and run­ning again on a Stan­dard stor­age account in only a few min­utes. Note: this is for ARM, not clas­sic.

  • Stop the VM so it says “Stopped (deal­lo­cated)”, not just “Stopped”. Shut­ting it down from RDP isn’t enough. Do this via the por­tal, right-click, STOP.
  • Copy its VHD from the Pre­mium stor­age account to a Stan­dard stor­age account:

Next, cre­ate a new VM using the copied VHD. This came from here, then I mod­i­fied to use an exist­ing VNet rather than cre­at­ing one.

Hidden LED Keyboard Light

Annoyed by not being able to see my F-keys when it’s dark I devised this lit­tle light­ing sys­tem that works great.  Ide­ally I’d like an illu­mi­nated key­board but sadly those only come on lap­tops these days.  At least the one I require isn’t lit.  Until now…

What you need:

Tilt your mon­i­tor over…

2016-03-12 11.18.18

Attach the LED strip under­neath.

2016-03-12 11.27.28

Light it up!

2016-05-14 08.04.11


2016-05-14 08.05.55


2016-05-14 08.06.03

Now go enjoy those 5am cod­ing ses­sions and actu­ally be able to see F8!

How to Fix a Slippery iPhone

20151007-2029-P1010206-bSo you just got a new iPhone 6 and the first thing you notice is how ter­ri­bly slip­pery it is.  First solu­tion that obvi­ously comes to mind is get­ting a case.  That helps, but then you sac­ri­fice size.  Why have this beau­ti­fully thin phone if you’ve got a gigan­tic case wrapped around it.

With a few easy steps and around 25 bucks there’s an easy fix.  Keep in mind, this solu­tion doesn’t cre­ate any pro­tec­tion for your phone, it keeps it nice and lean but adds some much needed grip.
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