Move Azure VM from Premium to Standard Storage

Took me awhile to work out the specifics but this works.  You can have the exact VM run­ning on a Pre­mium stor­age account up and run­ning again on a Stan­dard stor­age account in only a few min­utes. Note: this is for ARM, not clas­sic.

  • Stop the VM so it says "Stopped (deal­lo­cated)", not just "Stopped". Shut­ting it down from RDP isn't enough. Do this via the por­tal, right-click, STOP.
  • Copy its VHD from the Pre­mium stor­age account to a Stan­dard stor­age account:

Next, cre­ate a new VM using the copied VHD. This came from here, then I mod­i­fied to use an exist­ing VNet rather than cre­at­ing one.

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