Corvallis Float

What do ya do when it's 100°'s in Cor­val­lis?  You FLOAT!

Total Dis­tance: 2.98 miles
Total Time: 1:27

20160820-1330_2016-08-20 13.30.27

20160820-1453_2016-08-20 14.53.53

Mirror to Minam Lake Loop

Painted Hills

Sun­day 8/7/2016

We started our trip off at Painted Hills & John Day Fos­sil Beds National Mon­u­ment.

Strawberry Lake

Mon­day 8/8/2016

Spent the night in the Straw­berry Moun­tain Wilder­ness with a short morn­ing hike up to Straw­berry Lake.

Total dis­tance: 3.0 mi
Max ele­va­tion: 6,325 ft
Min ele­va­tion: 5,702 ft
Total climb­ing: 1,060 ft
Total descent: –1,010 ft
Total Time: 01:17:23

Wallowa Mountains

Tues­day 8/9/2016 — Thurs­day 8/11/2016

After a night in Joseph at a Bed & Break­fast we started our hike to Mir­ror Lake early Tues­day after­noon.  A lot of peo­ple at the lake, camps setup about every 20–30 meters along the cliffs over­look­ing the lake. We avoided the crowds by head­ing to higher ground set­ting up camp on the rocks. On Day 2 we hiked over the pass to Minam Lake. Much less crowded but decided to put in a few more miles and found a great camp­site along Lostine river. Day 3 was an easy 5 mile hike out.

Total dis­tance: 19.8 mi
Max ele­va­tion: 8,540 ft
Min ele­va­tion: 5,577 ft
Total climb­ing: 6,483 ft
Total descent: –6,447 ft
Total Time: 22:08:22