Phase 6 — Complete!

A few years of pro­cras­ti­na­tion and life get­ting in the way but I finally picked up the chisel and fin­ished this puppy.

Once all the mor­tises were fin­ished I drilled the holes in my legs and rails.  Then cut out the small mor­tise for the bolts.

2016-01-31 17.06.05 2016-01-31 17.05.57

With that done I finally put the entire base together includ­ing the rail bolts.

2016-01-26 17.36.46

Time to con­nect the top! The guide I was using said noth­ing about how to do this but since every­thing else was mor­tise and tenon my plan was to do the same.

With my top upside down on the floor I aligned my base and marked out my top mor­tise loca­tions. Used a ruler to ver­ify every­thing was in the cor­rect place then held my breath and went to town drilling and chop­ping.

Far mortise finished, near started with first hole drilled. You can also see the outline of where the vise will go.
Far mor­tise fin­ished, near started with first hole drilled. You can also see the out­line of where the vise will go.

Finally it was time!  I glued this bad boy together.  Every­thing except the rails that use bolts.

2016-02-14 08.48.25

And last but not least, the vice.  I didn't use hard­wood for the face as rec­om­mended by the ven­dor because I just wanted it done and had plenty of pine left.  It seems to be work­ing fine and it's easy to change later if need be.

So after 3 & 12 long years it is finally DONE!

2016-02-14 16.06.20

Some final thoughts…

The biggest regret I have is not using a table saw to do all the ini­tial rips.  Using my friends to rip the legs made such an epic dif­fer­ence.  My legs are incred­i­bly square, sadly my top is nowhere close.  But it's good enough for ver­sion 1.0 and over time I'm sure I'll get around to squar­ing it up a lit­tle bet­ter.

But for now, I'm gonna go actu­ally build some­thing on it!

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