How to Fix a Slippery iPhone

20151007-2029-P1010206-bSo you just got a new iPhone 6 and the first thing you notice is how ter­ri­bly slip­pery it is.  First solu­tion that obvi­ously comes to mind is get­ting a case.  That helps, but then you sac­ri­fice size.  Why have this beau­ti­fully thin phone if you've got a gigan­tic case wrapped around it.

With a few easy steps and around 25 bucks there's an easy fix.  Keep in mind, this solu­tion doesn't cre­ate any pro­tec­tion for your phone, it keeps it nice and lean but adds some much needed grip.

Rub­ber spray to the res­cue!  My ini­tial thought was to just spray the back of my phone but sim­ply couldn't sum­mon the courage.  I instead came up with the next best thing.  An ultra thin case that holds the rub­ber for you.  Screw up?  You're only out a $15 case.

It's pretty easy.  Let me show you how I did it.



What you need

Caud­abe: The Veil iPhone 6/6S (4.7) Pre­mium Ultra Thin Case (Wisp Black) [Eco-friendly retail pack­ag­ing]

Per­formix 11203 Plasti Dip Black Multi-Purpose Rub­ber Coat­ing Aerosol — 11 oz.


51oIocnocML._SL110_3M Painter's Tape, Multi-Use, 1.41-Inch by 60-Yard



Unpack the Ultra Thin Cover

Make no mis­take, this case offers vir­tu­ally no pro­tec­tion for your phone.  If you want pro­tec­tion, stop read­ing this post.  We're here for thin and non-slippery.  This case sadly is no help with slip­ping either, it's about as slip­pery as the case­less iPhone. BUT, it's so thin it's prac­ti­cally unno­tice­able when attached and gives us a great sur­face to spray. Get ready to unslick it.

2015-10-07 08.29.33-b

Tape it up

Tape the sides and make sure to also cut an oval to cover your cam­era hole.  No one wants rub­ber in their hole!  I'd rec­om­mend remov­ing tape from the mid­dle of the sides as well (not shown here). See Note below.

2015-10-07 08.41.56-b

Spray First Coat

Shake the Plasti Dip, hold about 10 inches away and spray on a light coat.  I'd rec­om­mend test­ing it out by spray­ing a piece of card­board first.  A good test helps deter­mine dis­tance and just how to get a nice thin even coast applied.  Make this first coat nice and thin.  Just enough to cover the sur­face.

2015-10-07 08.43.52-b

Let First Coat Dry

Give it at least a good 2–3 hours to dry.

2015-10-07 13.01.36 (Medium)

Spray on the Final Coat

Same as the first.  Just a light, even coat.

2015-10-07 13.04.45 (Medium)

Let Final Coat Dry

Let this one dry a solid 4 hours.

2015-10-07 18.12.00 (Medium)

Peel off the Tape

Gen­tly peel off the tape.  The rub­ber coat­ing actu­ally has the abil­ity to be removed so be espe­cially care­ful when remov­ing the oval around the cam­era hole.  Use a very sharp knife and slowly cut the rub­ber as you pull back the tape.

2015-10-07 18.14.38-b

Enjoy your non-slip iPhone!

Pop in your phone and you'll be amazed at how much less slip­pery it is while main­tain­ing it's nice svelte size.

2015-10-07 18.15.11-b


The one improve­ment I would make is leav­ing some tape off the sides below the but­ton holes so they get rub­ber­ized.  With­out rub­ber there, pulling the phone out of your pocket by the sides can also be slip­pery.  Side rub­ber would alle­vi­ate that.

I might also con­sider some clear nail pol­ish around the edges to keep the rub­ber from fray­ing.

2015-10-07 18.16.50 (Medium)

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