Mount Thielsen

Fri­day 10/23/2015 — Sat­ur­day 10/24/2015

Camped Fri­day night on Dia­mond Lake at the main site on the North East end of the lake at site C6 next to the lake.

A great trip with stun­ning views.

We made it within a few 100 yards of the sum­mit but puppy was get­ting tired and the scree was get­ting worse so we called it quits.  No one wants a pup with sore paws.

Total dis­tance: 9.6 mi
Max ele­va­tion: 8,681 ft
Min ele­va­tion: 5,253 ft
Total climb­ing: 3,694 ft
Total descent: –3,530 ft
Total Time: 05:29:48


How to Fix a Slippery iPhone

20151007-2029-P1010206-bSo you just got a new iPhone 6 and the first thing you notice is how ter­ri­bly slip­pery it is.  First solu­tion that obvi­ously comes to mind is get­ting a case.  That helps, but then you sac­ri­fice size.  Why have this beau­ti­fully thin phone if you've got a gigan­tic case wrapped around it.

With a few easy steps and around 25 bucks there's an easy fix.  Keep in mind, this solu­tion doesn't cre­ate any pro­tec­tion for your phone, it keeps it nice and lean but adds some much needed grip.
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