Larison Creek

Date: 2013.06.01
Loca­tion: Lar­ison Creek Trail­head, Ore­gon
Out: 6.8 miles
In: 5.3 miles
Pack­ing: Stan­dard List, a few adjust­ments

  •   Day 1: Hi 78° / Lo 40°, no rain
  •   Day 2: Hi 73° / Lo 50°, no rain

Nice trip but no camp­grounds at the pic­nic areas as we had hoped.  Ended up find­ing a small mossy spot by the river that worked pretty well.

Total dis­tance: 12.2 mi
Max ele­va­tion: 2,326 ft
Min ele­va­tion: 1,539 ft
Total climb­ing: 2,641 ft
Total descent: –2,497 ft
Total Time: 21:18:10

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