Phase 4 : Legs

A few days ago I finally started on the base.  First up, cut­ting the rest of my lum­ber to size. This time around I hunted down a friend that I found out had a table saw.  After the top deba­cle I had no plans on try­ing to cut the entire base to size with a cir­cu­lar saw again.

Here are the results…

So yeah, a table saw pretty much kicks ass.  I'm kick­ing myself for not track­ing down one sooner.  I didn't even bother to plane the legs.  I just glued those suck­ers together.

Oh how my painfully jagged top would have appre­ci­ated a table saw.  Ah well. Live and learn.  I broke down and have a power hand planer arriv­ing today to try and deal with my top woes.  After hours of plan­ing it became clear my top would not get fixed by hand.

Sur­pris­ingly, the Porter-Cable was the only one that came with a dust bag.  Seems triv­ial but after using a router with­out dust col­lec­tion, no thanks.  Attempts to find a dust bag for the oth­ers either came up empty or expen­sive.  This one, with dust col­lec­tion, was sig­nif­i­cantly cheaper and got decent reviews.  Hope­fully it holds up.

And yes, I could have bought new lum­ber, bor­rowed my friends table saw, and redid my entire top with­out need for the power planer for a frac­tion of the cost.  But then I wouldn't have a cool new power tool.


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