Dog Hole Board

Towards the end of my plan­ing & glue up stage I chis­eled out my dog hole board.  I decided to go with square holes rather than just drilling in hole at the end, 1. because I think they look cooler, 2. see #1.

I decided to cut them to fit a dog that's 1" by 34".  I first cut out a "gold dog" to use as a bench­mark for each hole.

I set my holes 4" apart and tilted 2 degrees.  I used my gold dog to draw every­thing out.  They may not be exact, but they'll at least all be the same.  This metal pro­trac­tor from Home­De­pot worked great to mea­sure the angles.

Since I don't yet have a vice I used this lit­tle trick a num­ber of times.  Works quite well…

I locked my board down with a Ver­i­tas Won­der Dog.  This thing worked great.

On rec­om­men­da­tions from Wood­man I bought a Japan­ese hand saw for most of my cut­ting.  Another rec­om­men­da­tion that was spot on.  Cut down to my lines then used my chis­els to chop them out.

Once the major­ity of the waste was out I worked on mak­ing each hole fairly exact. I used my gold dog for ref­er­ence.

Only two left!

That took a fair amount of time.  I had it down to about 20 min­utes per hole in the end.  Though after the first 6 I took a few days off because of blis­ter my small chis­els worked up on the palm of my hand.

I tried to keep them as sharp as pos­si­ble with a water stone but flat­ten­ing chisel backs and  keep­ing a razor sharp edge was also a lesson in patience.


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