Phase 1 : Cutting

Time: 5pm — 8:30pm
Task: Rough cut 4, 2x8's to 16, 1 1#2 x 3 3#8 x 54 1#4

Took awhile and they ended up far from per­fect but the best *I* could do with no table saw.
I started by cut­ting the 2x8's down to 54 1#4 with my miter saw.

I then ripped 2#16's off each side to knock off the round edges. One last rip to get 2, 3 3#8 boards.  I used the guide on my cir­cu­lar saw for the rips.

With wob­bly saw horses and no rip­ping skills the final boards did come out with nice square cor­ners, but no where close to flush when stacked face to face.  It may have been bet­ter to do the rips before cut­ting them down.

Looks like some seri­ous plan­ing is in my future.

Update (2016): My bench is now fin­ished and if you've never done a project like this before and are at this stage, if you're boards look any­thing like this, STOP. Stop, find a table saw, and do this step cor­rectly. These need to be per­fect because chances are you won't do the seri­ous plan­ing you need.

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